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#so I watched the avengers for the 5,000,000th time today

#and I’m still noticing shit that I didn’t see before.

#THIS SCENE #tony isn’t just making a joke about bruce letting off steam #he’s purposefully getting fury’s attention #because fury is like ADVANCING ON BRUCE #and tony doesn’t want him to get overwhelmed #in the third gif tony sees fury walking towards bruce with an attitude #and tony is all ‘OH HELL NO’ #and then he’s all ‘hey bitch over here’ #and he starts messing with cap #but he doesn’t even look at cap when he’s talking #he’s just looking at fury with his chin up #all defiant and shit #and then fury stops walking toward bruce #tony has achieved his goal #so he looks at bruce #and he’s like #it’s okay #i’ve got your back #i won’t let him hurt you #and btw #that joke about letting off steam? #it really is okay to get angry sometimes #ily man

#tony was just picking a fight to get the attention off bruce

#that smile in the last gif honestly breaks my heart

#this is not okay guys.

The ultimate MCU Spy-Off

In the Avengers, Tony says to Steve:
"He’s a spy. Captain, he’s the spy!. His secrets have secrets.”

So for arguments sake, that makes Natasha Romanoff the 2nd best spy.

And recently, in Agents of SHIELD, with just about everyone comparing Grant Ward to Natasha Romanoff when it comes to espionage, or just even all the mentions of her name in the last few episodes„ All I really want now is for Nat to waltz into the show so she and ward have a SUPER SPY OFF TO SEE WHO HOLDS THE TITLE OF THE BETTER SPY, ONCE AND FOR ALL. BECAUSE I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE WHO’S THINKING ABOUT THIS, CAN I?

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Will secrets be revealed? The agents face Patton Oswalt and THE lie detector in this sneak peek, presented by Verizon Wireless#SHIELDMissionBrief.

BAHAHAHAH ANYOne wanna take bets?